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featured . videos
sixnationstate: Where Are You Now?
belle and sebastian: Dirty Dream #2
snow patrol: Starfighter Pilot
sixnationstate: Blow Your Mind
latest news

‘What to Look For in Summer’ arrives on December 11th. [cont…]

Exciting News!!! SixNationState are reforming for a special show at Omeara London with proceeds to the NHS. [cont…]

Confirmed details of our special Love Record Stores Day limited edition. [cont…]

about jeepster

Jeepster was founded in 1995 by people looking to create an outlet for a style of music they felt was missing from the scene at the time. Our first signing, Belle & Sebastian, brought the label into the indie media and buyers’ consciousness almost immediately.
Belle & Sebastian’s initial success provided the label with the opportunity to expand its roster, firstly with Snow Patrol in 1997, Salako early the following year and then Looper and The Gentle Waves. Via its association with these bands, there developed a ‘Jeepster sound’.[cont..]

mailing list
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